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Top Places to Rent a Bubble Bounce House in San Francisco

San Francisco offers a variety of options for renting bubble bounce houses, perfect for adding a touch of fun and excitement to any event. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a family gathering, or a corporate event, these top places provide high-quality bounce houses with reliable service. Here’s a guide to the best bubble bounce house rental companies in San Francisco.

Key Takeaways

  • Booking a rental requires submitting a request and waiting for approval or alternative options.

  • Prices and delivery costs are calculated at checkout after entering your delivery address.

  • Setup is included with bounce house rentals, but not for tables and chairs.

  • Reschedules are allowed for weather issues, but cancellations require a 10-day notice.

  • Discounts are available with specific codes, enhancing affordability.

1. Astro Jump

Astro Jump, the original San Francisco Bounce House Rental Company, has been delighting children and parents alike for decades. With a wide range of inflatable options including bouncy houses, water slides, and obstacle courses, Astro Jump caters to all kinds of playful needs. Their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction is evident in their seamless booking process and reliable delivery service.

Key Offerings:

  • Bouncy Houses

  • Water Slides

  • Obstacle Courses

  • Interactive Games

For those planning a party or event, Astro Jump provides a hassle-free experience with their comprehensive service that includes delivery, setup, and breakdown. All insurance details for Astro Jump can be found on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace, ensuring peace of mind for all customers.

2. Maz Jumpers

Maz Jumpers offers a wide variety of inflatable bounce houses perfect for any party or event in San Francisco. Their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction is evident in their meticulous maintenance of the equipment and professional service. Maz Jumpers ensures that all their units are clean and meet all safety standards before each use.

Booking and Delivery

  • Submit a booking request via their website.

  • A 2-hour delivery window is provided, with potential early delivery the day before the event.

  • Delivery includes setup and breakdown of the inflatable.


  • The total cost, including delivery, is calculated at checkout.

  • A 20% deposit is required, which is not charged until the booking is confirmed.

3. Fun Factory Parties

Fun Factory Parties has been a leading provider of bounce house rentals in San Francisco since 1996, offering a vast array of inflatables and party extras that cater to all ages and event types. From standard jumps to elaborate obstacle courses, their inventory is designed to bring maximum enjoyment to your event.

Services Offered:

  • Standard and Modular Jumps

  • Character Themed Jumps

  • Toddler Inflatables

  • Large and Very Large Combos

  • Obstacle Courses and Dry Slides

  • Water Units and Wet Combo Bouncers

  • Interactive Games and Trackless Trains

  • Carnival and Sports Games

Booking and Delivery:

  • Submit a booking request via their website or contact directly at 1-888-630-3866.

  • Delivery includes setup and breakdown; specific delivery times will be coordinated with you.

  • A 20% deposit is required, but it's not charged until the vendor approves your booking.

4. Jellybean Bop

Welcome to Jellybean Bop, where your party becomes an unforgettable experience with our stylish and unique bounce houses. Our Bubble House is particularly popular among kids, featuring an inflatable dome filled with floating balloons that guarantees fun at any event. We ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish:

  • CLEAN: Every bounce house is delivered sanitized and clean.

  • DELIVER: Timely delivery to your event location.

  • SETUP: Expert setup including a safety check to ensure everything is perfect.

  • REMOVE: Efficient cleanup and removal post-event.

For those planning a party in the San Francisco Bay Area, remember to use the code B360 for 20% off your deposit. Our services extend to various cities and towns in the East Bay Area, ensuring no matter where you are, you can enjoy our exceptional service. Remember, all vendor insurance details are available on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

5. PlanetXone

PlanetXone stands out in San Francisco for its unique approach to bubble bounce house rentals, offering a variety of games like Bubble Soccer and Bubble Sumo to enhance any event. Their commitment to community involvement is evident as they frequently participate in school fundraisers and other community events, providing not just entertainment but also support for local initiatives.

Services Offered:

  • Bubble Soccer

  • Bubble Sumo

  • Nerf Dart Tag

  • Bubble Bowling

PlanetXone ensures a comprehensive service package, including delivery, setup, and breakdown, so your event runs smoothly without any hassle. Their services are perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, school functions, and more. Remember, you can use the code B360 for 20% off your deposit when booking through the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

6. Bay Area Soft Play

Bay Area Soft Play, located in Castro Valley, is a mom-owned business that specializes in providing soft play equipment rentals for various occasions such as birthday parties. They offer a range of modern bouncers, ball pits, and bubble houses suitable for both kids and adults. Their services are designed to cater to the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

What We Offer

  • Modern Bouncers

  • Ball Pits

  • Bubble Houses

  • Soft Play Rentals

Remember to use the code: B360 for 20% off of your deposit when booking through the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

7. Rainbow Chefs

Located in Burlingame, Rainbow Chefs offers a unique twist to your typical party rental service by focusing on cooking classes, summer camps, and themed parties that educate and entertain children. This venue is perfect for parents looking to add an educational yet fun element to their children’s parties.

Rainbow Chefs not only provides a space for children to learn about cooking and nutrition but also ensures a hands-on, engaging experience that can be tailored to any party theme. Their services are ideal for birthday parties, school events, and even corporate functions that involve children.

For those interested in a comprehensive party experience, Rainbow Chefs also offers additional services such as face painting and balloon twisting to make your event unforgettable.

8. Comic Jumps

Located in San Carlos, Comic Jumps offers a wide variety of bounce house rentals and party supplies perfect for kids' birthday parties. They provide a range of inflatables from standard jumps to character-themed and very large inflatables, ensuring there's something for every event size and preference.

Services Offered

  • Standard and Modular Jumps: Ideal for any party size.

  • Character Themed Jumps: Bring your favorite characters to the party.

  • Large Combos and Obstacle Courses: Perfect for larger events.

  • Interactive Games and Carnival Games: Add more fun with engaging activities.

Booking and Delivery

  • Submit a booking request to check availability.

  • Delivery includes setup and breakdown of inflatables.

  • A 20% deposit is required, which is not charged until approval.

9. Inflatable Adventures

Inflatable Adventures offers a vast array of inflatable rentals, perfect for any event from children's parties to adult gatherings. Choose from over 100 different inflatables, including bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, and interactive games. Each rental includes setup and breakdown, ensuring a hassle-free experience for hosts.

Key Services Offered:

  • Bounce House Rentals

  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses

  • Slides and Water Units

  • Interactive and Sports Games

  • Party Extras like Photo Booths and Food Machines

For detailed pricing, availability, and booking, visit the Inflatable Adventures page on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace. All vendors' insurance details are listed there, ensuring safety and compliance for your event.

10. Children's Delight

Children's Delight brings a unique blend of entertainment and joy to any child's party in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in character shows, their team of talented actors are trained to captivate and delight young audiences, making your child the star of the event. Their services are not only engaging but also come with clean and sanitized equipment, ensuring a safe environment for all attendees.

  • Packages: Offers a variety of packages to suit different party sizes and preferences.

  • Locations: Available for both indoor and outdoor events across the Bay Area.

  • Booking: Easy booking through their website with a 20% deposit discount using code B360.

Explore the joy of '10. Children's Delight' at Bouncehouse360, where we offer a wide range of bounce houses perfect for any child's party or event. From colorful jumpers to exciting waterslides, we ensure a safe, fun-filled experience that will make your event unforgettable. Don't wait, visit our website today to book your favorite inflatable and make your child's day extraordinary!


In conclusion, finding the perfect bubble bounce house rental in San Francisco can be a delightful and straightforward experience. With a variety of vendors offering a range of options from classic bounce houses to elaborate inflatable playlands, there's something to suit every event and budget. Remember to check delivery areas, setup requirements, and insurance details before booking. Whether it's for a birthday party, corporate event, or just a fun day out, a bubble bounce house can add excitement and joy to any gathering. Don't forget to take advantage of any available discounts and ensure your booking is secured well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a bounce house rental?

To book a rental, submit a booking request on the vendor's website. Your booking will be confirmed or an alternative will be recommended. The deposit is charged only after approval.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are automatically calculated at checkout after entering your delivery address in the Delivery Checker on the inflatable page.

Is setup included with the rental?

Setup and breakdown are included for inflatables. Setup for tables and chairs is not included.

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Rescheduling is allowed for weather-related issues with equivalent rentals. Cancellations require a 10-day notice. Refunds are not provided once the service is rendered.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, you can use the discount code B360 for 20% off your deposit.

Do the rentals come with insurance?

Not all vendors have verified insurance. If the vendor has insurance, it will be displayed on their profile at checkout or on the inflatable service page.


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