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Bounce House Marketing

Bounce House Marketing by Bouncehouse360

There are a few fundamental things you need to understand when trying to market your bounce house business. 

The bounce house marketing fundamentals are:

  1. Bounce house PPC marketing

  2. Bounce house social marketing

  3. Maintaining your bounce house website

  4. Bounce house blogging

  5. Flyer distribution.


Please click those links to learn more in-depth about those specific topics.


The inflatable bounce house industry in 2020 made an estimated $3.6 billion. But how much of that figure accounts for your market share and profits? Most bounce house businesses are small businesses that cannot afford expert marketers to gain a fair market share. What can be done to help these small to medium bounce house businesses compete? The answer is easy, the Bouncehouse360 marketplace! We have successfully managed over $100 million in digital marketing and serve bounce house businesses like yours with $0 upfront cost!

We understand that kids and adults now feature a wide range of inflatable bounce houses at birthdays, fundraisers, and other events. As a result, the bounce house industry is widening drastically, with over 6 million people looking for bounce houses every year. 

Consequently, more bounce house enterprises are launching and competing for market share at an unbelievable speed. That means this is the best time to position your bounce house business and achieve better results. The best part is that your business can be one of the most sought-out bounce house enterprises as soon as you want!

How Can Bouncehouse360 Help Your Marketing?

Bounce House Marketing by Bouncehouse360

Bouncehouse360 is dedicated to giving the best rental experience to customers for all-party events. This dedication helps improve the overall marketplace, which helps increase revenue for our vendors in our marketplace. With highly advanced digital marketing techniques, we will grow the general bounce house industry, directly impacting sales in our marketplace. By implementing the highly advanced digital marketing tactics on sources like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more, we will grow the Bouncehouse360 marketplace. 

Our active and efficient partnerships with Google and Microsoft help position your bounce house enterprise for increased visibility to the exact people who need your service. Joining our community gives you access to our marketplace at a $0 startup cost, meaning no upfront payments. At Bouncehouse360, we allow you the flexibility of paying us a 20% booking commission after booking.

We are dedicated to creating specialized technology that directly impacts the bounce house industry, and we constantly update our platform based on vendor feedback. Our platform allows you to receive instant alerts on your booking statuses,  such as new booking requests, automatically charge for mileage, payments, and calls. Also, as a Bouncehouse360 vendor, you get total control over the days and times you are available to receive bookings. 

How Bouncehouse360 Works?

Bouncehouse360 helps you achieve your business goals better and faster. With our platform, you can show them how your bounce houses, waterslides, obstacle courses, dry slides, combo bouncers, balloons, and interactive games are the exact types they want.

We pride ourselves in solving your bounce house marketing concerns and have made it easy for you to join us in 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up and fill out your personal/business details

  2. Add your bounce house varieties to our network or request an upload

  3. Enter your payout information

  4. Start showing up on our extensive network and accepting bookings!

Say goodbye to out-of-pocket upfront costs and the possibility of losing money to bad marketing. Instead, let Bouncehouse360 handle your marketing for better visibility and more sales booking opportunities.

Ready to join our initial beta program?

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