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Get Bounce House Bookings On The Bouncehouse360 Marketplace In 4 Easy Steps!

Bounce House Marketing With Bouncehouse360 - Booking
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Some of Our Features

No Hassle Booking

Get no-hassle booking on the Bouncehouse360 platform. With a $0 startup, there's no need to pay if you don't receive bookings!

Instant Booking Text Alerts

Receive instant text alerts when you have a potential new booking from Bouncehouse360, approve or deny the booking, and alert the potential customer immediately!

Control Your Day

Control the days and times you receive bounce house bookings within the Bouncehouse360 platform.

Auto Charge For Mileage

Automatically charge bounce house rentals out of your service area for mileage with  Bouncehouse360.

Auto Alert Customers Booking On Rainy Days (Coming Soon!)

Bouncehouse360 will soon automatically alert bounce house customers if they are booking on days with unfavorable weather conditions.

Inventory Syncing To Your Existing Website

Do you have a website with inventory software? Bouncehouse360 syncs with it, letting customers book instantly and renting out your unbooked units to maximize your bookings!

$0 Startup

It cost $0 to become a member. A 20% deposit is paid to us from the customer. 

Auto Sync

Bouncehouse360 syncs with your inventory, letting customers book instantly & renting out your unbooked units to maximize your bookings!


We auto charge customer for mileage from your hub to the customers delivery location.

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We Get the Bounce House Customers... You Do the Rest!

Bouncehouse360 makes it easy to find new bounce house customers!


  • Do the marketing

  • Get the bounce house bookings

  • Take the payments

& you handle the rest.

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