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Top Spider-Man Themed Obstacle Courses to Explore in San Antonio

San Antonio offers an exciting Spider-Man themed obstacle course that brings the thrilling world of our favorite web-slinger to life. The SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry is a must-visit for fans and adventure-seekers alike, providing a unique blend of physical challenges and immersive superhero experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • The course is inspired by the iconic New York City skyline, providing a vibrant backdrop that enhances the Spider-Man theme.

  • It features two separate pieces for easy delivery and setup, making it accessible for various events and locations.

  • Participants can engage in activities that test their speed, agility, and balance, mimicking the abilities of Spider-Man.

  • The course includes interactive elements like battling pop-ups of villains such as Carnage, adding excitement to the challenge.

  • Made with high-quality materials and fully licensed digital artwork, it ensures safety and visual appeal for all users.

1. SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry

Inspired by the striking skyscrapers of New York City, the SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry offers an exhilarating experience for all ages. This 50-foot long Spiderman Obstacle Course Rental in San Antonio is designed in two pieces for easy delivery and setup. It features a special non-slip material, making it safe for use with water.


  • Slide platform height: 8.5 feet

  • Obstacle weight: 264 lbs

  • Slide weight: 352 lbs

Note: Blowers & Anchoring Stakes are sold separately. (2 - 1.5HP Blowers Recommended)

Dive into the ultimate fun with our 'SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course', perfect for both wet and dry adventures! Whether you're planning a birthday bash or a community event, this thrilling course is guaranteed to be the highlight. Don't miss out on the excitement—head over to our website now to book your unforgettable experience with ease and confidence. Your adventure awaits at Bouncehouse360, where fun meets quality and security!


As we wrap up our exploration of the top Spider-Man themed obstacle courses in San Antonio, it's clear that these attractions offer more than just physical challenges. They immerse participants in the thrilling world of Spider-Man, allowing them to experience the heroics, agility, and excitement of the beloved character. Whether you're navigating through skyscraper climbs, dodging villains, or racing across rooftops, each course promises a unique adventure that brings the Spider-Man universe to life. Perfect for fans of all ages, these courses are not just about physical fitness but about stepping into the shoes of a superhero and creating unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry?

The SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry is a 50-foot long obstacle course inspired by the New York City skyline, featuring non-slip material for safe use with water, and designed with fully licensed digital artwork. It's divided into two pieces for easier delivery and setup.

What are the main features of this obstacle course?

This course includes a bounce and obstacle area, a tall climber/slide skyscraper unit with a web-slinging Spider-Man on top, and a water misting system. It also has inflatable obstacle pop-ups of Black Costume Spider-Man battling Carnage.

Is the SPIDER-MAN 50' Obstacle Course suitable for all ages?

Yes, the obstacle course is designed to be an amazing attraction suitable for all occasions and age groups, offering fun and challenging activities.

What safety features are included in the obstacle course?

The obstacle course features a special non-slip material for safe use with water and is made from premium materials ensuring durability and safety.

How high is the slide platform, and what are the weights of the obstacle and slide?

The slide platform is 8.5 feet high. The obstacle weighs 264 lbs, and the slide weighs 352 lbs.

Are blowers and anchoring stakes included with the obstacle course?

No, blowers and anchoring stakes are sold separately. It is recommended to use 2 - 1.5HP blowers for proper setup and operation.


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