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Top Places for Bounce House Rental in Charlotte NC

Charlotte, NC, is a vibrant city with a plethora of options for hosting unforgettable parties, and bounce house rentals are one of the most popular choices for adding excitement and joy to any celebration. From private party havens to trampoline parks and comprehensive event rental services, Charlotte offers a variety of venues where you can find the perfect inflatable fun for your next event. In this article, we explore the top places for bounce house rental in Charlotte, NC, to help you plan a high-flying, gravity-defying, and utterly memorable party experience.

Key Takeaways

  • BounceU Charlotte provides 100% private birthday parties with customizable packages, ensuring your celebration is exclusive and tailored to your needs.

  • Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville offers a wide array of inflatable attractions suitable for various events, along with party entertainment and equipment rentals.

  • Big Air Trampoline Park combines the fun of trampolines and bounce houses with birthday packages that include party essentials and special weekday offers.

  • Bouncing Your Way stands out as a comprehensive party resource with a diverse selection of bounce houses and convenient setup and cleanup services.

  • DEFY Charlotte takes birthday parties to new heights with an indoor trampoline park featuring extreme air sports and discounts for weekday bookings.

BounceU Charlotte: A Private Party Haven

BounceU Charlotte specializes in creating unforgettable experiences with 100% private birthday party rentals. Imagine celebrating your child's special day with exclusive access to inflatable arenas and a dedicated party room, ensuring a unique and intimate celebration. With a starting price of $239+, BounceU Charlotte requires advance booking to secure your private event.

Exclusive Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate in style with a party that's exclusively yours. BounceU Charlotte's private birthday parties offer a personalized touch that can't be matched by public venues.

Private Play Arenas and Party Rooms

Enjoy the luxury of having the entire space to yourselves. The split playtime in two large arenas followed by time in a private party room makes for a seamless and enjoyable party flow.

Customizable Party Packages

Tailor your party to perfection with customizable options that cater to your needs. Whether it's the theme, the activities, or the food, BounceU Charlotte works with you to make your vision a reality.

Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville: Inflatable Fun for Everyone

Exclusive Birthday Celebrations

At Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville, exclusive birthday celebrations are tailored to create unforgettable memories for your child. With a focus on interactive learning and play, the venue offers a unique party experience that goes beyond the typical bounce house rentals Charlotte NC.

Private Play Arenas and Party Rooms

The facility boasts private play arenas and party rooms designed to cater to the needs of your party. Whether it's a small gathering or a large group, the spaces are versatile and can be customized to ensure a fun-filled event for all attendees.

Customizable Party Packages

To make your event truly special, Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville provides customizable party packages. These packages include a variety of inflatable attractions and are designed to fit different themes and preferences, ensuring that every party is a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Big Air Trampoline Park: High-Flying Party Adventures

Celebrate a birthday that reaches new heights at Big Air Trampoline Park, where the excitement is as boundless as the trampolines themselves. Offering a variety of birthday packages, Big Air ensures that every party is filled with joyous leaps and bounces.

Birthday Packages with Trampoline Thrills

Choose from several birthday packages tailored to provide the ultimate trampoline experience. Each package includes essentials like jump socks, pizza, drinks, and a designated time for jumping and partying. The fun doesn't stop there; dessert and a private party room are also part of the deal, making it a seamless celebration.

Party Inclusions and Add-Ons

To enhance the party experience, Big Air offers a range of add-ons. Customize your celebration with additional jump time, party favors, or even a dedicated party host to keep the energy high and the day running smoothly.

Special Offers for Weekday Celebrations

Take advantage of special offers for weekday bookings. These deals provide the same thrilling experience at a fraction of the cost, perfect for those looking to celebrate without breaking the bank.

Bouncing Your Way: The Ultimate Party Resource

Exclusive Birthday Celebrations

When it comes to celebrating a birthday, Bouncing Your Way stands out with its diverse selection of bounce houses and slides. Whether you're looking for a classic castle or a thrilling slide, they have it all. Their inventory is designed to cater to any theme and age group, ensuring your party is a hit.

Private Play Arenas and Party Rooms

Bouncing Your Way offers comprehensive party and event rentals, including private play arenas that guarantee a unique experience. These areas are perfect for creating a safe and fun environment where kids can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Customizable Party Packages

With Bouncing Your Way, you can customize your party package to include everything you need for a stress-free event. From convenient setup to cleanup services, they handle all the details so you can focus on enjoying the celebration.

DEFY Charlotte: Defying Gravity with Birthday Fun

DEFY Charlotte offers an indoor trampoline park experience that elevates any birthday celebration to new heights. With a variety of gravity-defying activities such as inclined walls, extreme air sports, wall tramp, zipline, battle beams, parkour, and a dedicated kid jump zone, it's the perfect venue for an unforgettable party.

Exclusive Birthday Celebrations

Organizing a birthday bash at DEFY Charlotte means you can expect a party that's both thrilling and safe. The park requires a minimum of 10 jumpers for birthday packages, ensuring that your group has ample space and time to enjoy all the attractions.

Private Play Arenas and Party Rooms

The private play arenas and party rooms provide a personalized space for your celebration. Guests can jump, flip, and fly in a space that's exclusively theirs, making the party feel even more special.

Customizable Party Packages

DEFY Charlotte's party packages are designed to be flexible, allowing you to tailor the experience to your needs. Plus, if you book a party on a weekday, you'll enjoy a 10% discount, making it not only a memorable but also an affordable option for your special occasion.


Charlotte, NC, offers a plethora of options for bounce house rentals, ensuring that your next party is filled with joyous leaps and bounds. From the private party experiences at BounceU Charlotte to the diverse offerings of Mr. Bounce Inflatable Rentals, there's something for every event and preference. Whether you're looking for wet and dry bounce houses, obstacle courses, or even trampoline parks like DEFY Charlotte, the Queen City caters to all your inflatable fun needs. With the added convenience of comprehensive services like Bouncing Your Way, which includes party essentials like chairs and tables, planning your celebration becomes a breeze. Remember to book in advance to secure your preferred date and package, and get ready to jump into a memorable celebration with the best bounce house rentals in Charlotte!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BounceU Charlotte unique for birthday parties?

BounceU Charlotte offers 100% private birthday party rentals, ensuring your celebration is the only one in the inflatable arenas and party rooms. They provide a 2-hour private party package that includes playtime in their large arenas and time in a private party room.

Does Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville offer party entertainment services?

Yes, Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville provides a wide range of inflatable attractions for parties, along with entertainment and equipment rentals, catering to various events and occasions.

What can I expect from Big Air Trampoline Park's birthday packages?

Big Air Trampoline Park offers several birthday packages that include jump socks, pizza, drinks, jump time, dessert, and time in a party room. They have options to suit different party needs.

What types of inflatables and services does Bouncing Your Way offer?

Bouncing Your Way offers a diverse selection of inflatables, including wet and dry bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses. They also provide comprehensive event rentals like chairs, tables, and tents, as well as setup and cleanup services.

Are there any discounts available for DEFY Charlotte's birthday party packages?

DEFY Charlotte offers a 10% discount on birthday party packages booked on weekdays, with a minimum requirement of 10 jumpers.

Can I get a themed bounce house for my party?

Yes, there are various themed bounce houses available for rental. If you have a preference, you can specify it in the order notes at the time of booking, and the provider will try to accommodate your request.


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