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Top Jump Houses Near Me in Los Angeles: Perfect Locations for Family Fun!

Exploring the vibrant city of Los Angeles with family can be an exhilarating adventure, especially when it includes a visit to one of the top jump houses in the area. These locations not only offer a safe and fun environment for children to play but also provide a great way for adults to relax and watch their kids enjoy themselves. Whether it's for a birthday party, a special event, or just a day out, these jump houses are perfect spots for family fun.

Key Takeaways

  • Booking a jump house requires submitting a request, and confirmation follows based on availability.

  • Prices and delivery costs are transparent and calculated at checkout, ensuring no hidden fees.

  • Most venues offer additional amenities like party hosting and online waiver forms to expedite entry.

  • Special discounts such as 'B360' for 20% off deposits can make planning more affordable.

  • Always check the specific requirements and facilities, like the need for generators or insurance, to ensure a smooth experience.

1. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers a dynamic and fun environment perfect for family outings and birthday celebrations. Kids of all ages can enjoy a variety of activities, including wall-to-wall trampolines, dodgeball courts, ninja warrior courses, and ziplines. Parents can relax in massage chairs while their children play. It's important to note that jumpers must wear Sky Zone socks, which are available for purchase.

Key Features:

  • Wall-to-wall trampolines

  • Dodgeball courts

  • Ninja warrior courses

  • Ziplines

  • Parkour blox

  • Special events vary by location

2. Urban Air

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Fullerton offers a thrilling variety of attractions that go beyond the typical trampoline experience. Not only does it feature classic trampoline fun, but it also includes unique activities like Flash Pads, Twist Tower, Leap of Faith, mini golf, bumper cars, and an indoor go-kart track. This makes Urban Air our top pick for birthday parties and family gatherings.

Urban Air is perfect for transporting your entire birthday crew for a day full of excitement and adventure. Remember, all vendors' insurance details can be found on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

3. Adventureplex

Located at 1701 Marine Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, Adventureplex offers a sprawling 16,000 square feet of fun-filled activities that promise to keep your kids entertained for hours. The facility boasts a variety of attractions including a 5-story play structure, a dedicated toddler area, a challenging rock-climbing wall, and an adventurous ropes course. Additionally, Adventureplex provides free Wifi, making it convenient for parents to stay connected while their kids play.

Key Features:

  • 5-story play structure: Ideal for climbing and exploring.

  • Toddler area: Safe and engaging for younger children.

  • Rock-climbing wall and ropes course: Provides physical challenges and fun.

Adventureplex is not just a place for kids but also ensures a pleasant visit for adults, offering a comfortable environment where you can relax or work remotely while your children are at play.

4. Kidz Town Indoor Playground

Located at 5925 E. Carson St., Lakewood, CA 90713, Kidz Town Indoor Playground offers a variety of fun and safe activities for children. The facility features imaginative play areas, rock climbing walls, ball pits, and slides, ensuring a dynamic environment for kids of all ages. Admission includes a 2-hour play block, with the option to extend for an additional fee. Each child's admission allows one adult to enter for free, making it a perfect family outing spot.

Admission Prices

Note: Prices cover a 2-hour play time. Additional time can be purchased.

The playground also offers a separate parents’ lounge for relaxation while the kids play. It's recommended to make reservations as walk-ins may not be guaranteed. For those looking to celebrate a special occasion, Kidz Town is also available for birthday parties. Remember, all vendors' insurance details can be found on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

5. South Play

Located at 903 N. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90277, South Play is a unique venue that offers both a vibrant play space for children and a comfortable work area for parents. This 3000 square foot facility is not just about fun but also functionality, featuring an outdoor courtyard perfect for dining and various activities. South Play is ideal for casual play days or hosting memorable birthday parties, with no time restrictions once entry is paid.


6. Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s offers a unique blend of food and fun, making it an ideal spot for family outings in Los Angeles. Kids of all ages can enjoy a variety of arcade games, simulators, and small rides, earning tickets from many games to exchange for prizes. The venue is not just about play; it also serves as a convenient spot for parents to relax while their children are entertained.

Key Features:

  • Arcade Games: A wide selection of games that cater to various interests and age groups.

  • Simulators and Rides: Enhance the fun with engaging simulators and enjoyable rides.

  • Prize Counter: Play games, earn tickets, and choose from a variety of prizes.

Remember, you don’t have to dine at Chuck E. Cheese’s to use their play facilities, making it a flexible option for just playtime. Each vendor's insurance details can be found on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your family fun day.

7. Pump It Up

Located in Van Nuys, Pump It Up offers a vibrant and engaging environment for children's parties and casual play. The facility features giant inflatables, slides, and large imagination blocks, perfect for stimulating active play and creativity. The venue is known for its 'Open Jump' sessions and special glow-in-the-dark events that elevate any birthday party to an unforgettable experience.

Key Features:

  • 100% Private Parties: Ensures exclusivity for your celebrations.

  • Glow Experience: Special lighting and accessories for a unique party atmosphere.

  • Safety and Cleanliness: Committed to providing a clean and safe environment.

For more details on events and bookings, visit the Pump It Up website or contact them directly. Remember to use code: B360 for 20% off of your deposit when booking through the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

8. Romp

Romp offers a vibrant and engaging environment for children of all ages to enjoy a variety of jump house activities. The focus is on safe, family-friendly fun that allows kids to be active and parents to relax. The facility is designed to cater to both spontaneous visits and planned events, ensuring a seamless experience for all guests.

  • Fun: A plethora of activities from bounce houses to obstacle courses.

  • Easy: Hassle-free booking and party planning with online tools.

  • Private: Exclusive use of the facility for your group during events.

All necessary equipment for setup is provided, and the pricing is transparent, with all costs detailed upfront during the booking process. For any inquiries or special requests, customer service is readily available to assist you.

9. Under the Sea

Located at 4147 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230, Under the Sea Indoor Playground offers a unique aquatic-themed experience for children. The venue features floor-to-ceiling murals that transport children into an underwater world filled with sea creatures and mermaids. This location is perfect for younger children, with a special 'Baby Corner' designed for safe and engaging play.

The new location provides an even more immersive experience, ensuring that your family's visit will be both fun and memorable. Remember, you can check each vendor's insurance on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace before booking.

10. The Nook

The Nook offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for family gatherings and children's parties. This location is renowned for its clean and safe environment, ensuring a worry-free fun time for both kids and parents. The Nook provides a variety of inflatable jump houses that cater to different age groups and party themes.

Key Features:

  • Variety of themed inflatables

  • Dedicated toddler area

  • Party packages available

Booking and Pricing:

To book your event at The Nook, you must submit a booking request through the Bouncehouse360 marketplace. Remember, your deposit won't be charged until the vendor approves or you accept an alternate available rental. Use code: B360 for 20% off of your deposit.

For detailed information on each vendor's insurance, please refer to their profiles on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace.

Welcome to 'The Nook' section of our website, where you can explore a variety of bounce house rentals perfect for your next event. From thrilling waterslides to exciting obstacle courses, Bouncehouse360 offers a wide selection of options to make your party unforgettable. Don't miss out on the fun—visit our website now to book your favorite inflatable and ensure a hassle-free, secure booking experience with verified reviews and quality vendors. Make your reservation today and get ready for an amazing time!


Exploring the top jump houses in Los Angeles offers a delightful and energetic way for families to spend time together. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a family gathering, or just a day of fun, these locations provide safe, engaging environments for children and peace of mind for parents. Remember to book in advance to secure your spot and take advantage of any available discounts. With the variety of options available, you're sure to find the perfect jump house that will make your family's day both memorable and exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a jump house?

In order to book your rental, you must submit a booking request. It will be approved or a similar available rental will be recommended for your selected date. Your deposit won't be charged until the vendor approves or you accept the alternate available rental.

Are there any discount offers available?

Yes, you can use the discount code B360 for 20% off of your deposit.

What is included in the jump house rental?

The rental includes the jump house, setup, and breakdown. Generators are only required if you are more than 50 ft from a standard outlet. Tarps for water use are provided when you book a waterslide.

How much is delivery?

The delivery cost can be auto calculated at checkout by using the Delivery Checker on the service page.

Can I book a jump house on the same day?

Sorry, same-day booking isn't typically available. It is recommended to book in advance.

What is the cancellation policy?

Reschedules are permitted for weather-related issues with equivalent rentals, and a 10-day notice is required for cancellations. Refunds aren't allowed once service is rendered.


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