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How Much Does a Bounce House Cost

Everyone enjoys bounce houses. Do you have kids in your house or family? Renting a bounce house can provide hours of healthy entertainment to your children. This information is for you if you want to get a bounce house and look for bounce house rental prices.

A bounce house can be a great addition to any event or party where guests might bring their kids with them. To ensure that kids have fun and adults sit and relax, get a bounce house on rent.

In this guide, you’ll learn about bounce house rental prices, types of bounce houses, cost breakdown, considerations while renting, and safety concerns.

Here is what you may need to know.

Average Bounce House Rental Prices:

National average rental price


Minimum rental price


Maximum rental price


Average Range


The duration of renting and the size of the bounce house affect the rental prices. Most bounce house rental companies rent out their bounce houses between the range of 4-8 hours. Depending on the duration of your event or party, you can get a bounce house on rent for longer hours.

Bounce House Hourly Rental Prices

Depending on the bounce house size, the rental cost changes. The longer you keep the bounce house, the higher it will cost.

Typically, the average cost for 2 hours rental is as high as $200 and as low as $100. Other factors may get involved in determining the rental cost. When you keep a bounce house for 4 hours, it costs between $120-$300.

Most commonly, bounce house rental companies rent out bounce houses for 4-8 hours and charge up to $500 for 8 hours. With each additional house, the average cost increases by $25-$80.

No bounce house rental company rents out a bounce house for less than 2 hours, and some may not even rent out for 2 hours. In general, the more guests, the longer the rental duration.

Types of Bounce Houses To Rent

When you are booking a bounce house for your event or party, you’re asked to choose a bounce house. Keep in mind that the rental costs differ for each type of bounce house, so it’s better to be aware of the different types and rental costs.

● Castle House

As the name suggests, it’s a type of bounce house built like a castle. It appeals to children hugely, and they are always fascinated by these types of bounce houses, which helps keep them engaged. Bouncy castle houses are available for as low as $250 and go up to $600.

● Inflatable Slide

Another type of bounce house is an inflatable waterslide. Children love slides, and if it’s inflatable, parents let their kids play on them without any worry. For a full day, an inflatable waterslide can cost between $150-$250.

Keep in mind that inflatable slides come in various sizes and shapes. These slides make a great addition to summer events. When booking an inflatable slide, check the rental cost of different sizes and shapes to make an informed choice.

● Inflatable Obstacle Course

An inflatable obstacle course is a great choice to keep children engaged in immense fun. It can cost as high as $600 to rent for a day.

Inflatable bounce house combos are also similar to the inflatable obstacle course and cost pretty much the same. For big items like obstacle courses and combos, the rental prices start at $400. Not too cheap, but these types of bounce houses offer guaranteed fun to children of all age groups.

Potential Additional Rental Costs

When you get a bounce on rent, you might come across a few additional costs. Make sure to ask the company if there are any additional costs when booking a bounce house.

Here are some examples of additional costs:

● Delivery fees

Some companies include delivery fees in their standard rental rates, and you don’t see any extra charges. Bouncehouse360 makes prices as clear as possible by auto-calculating the delivery fee. At the same time, many companies charge up to $50 per unit as delivery fees.

● Setup and takedown charges

If you have never owned a bounce house, you can’t set it up and take it down on your own. Many companies do it themselves and charge you for that, and the charges are included in the standard rental price. Some companies allow you to set up and take down the bounce house on your own, which lets you save some money. These charges vary from company to company.

● Cancellation fees

If you have booked a bounce house but don’t want it anymore, the company might charge cancellation fees. Every company has a policy regarding booking cancellation. The late cancellation fee ranges from $50 to $100.

● Cleaning fees

Cleaning and maintenance fees are often a part of the company’s standard rental price. When a bounce house needs excessive cleaning because of excess dirt, gum, or mud, it may charge extra money as cleaning charges. That’s because a cleaning company has to be hired for deep cleaning of equipment.

Cleaning fees range between $50 to $300.

● Travel fees

The majority of bounce house rental companies operate within a limited geographical area. Their standard rental charges are for that area only. Considering you live outside that area and want to book equipment from a certain company, you may have to pay travel fees.

Travel fees depend on the additional gas, travel time, and distance.

● Generator fees

To keep a bounce house well inflates, an air blow must pump the air into it continually. If you don’t want to supply power from an electricity fixture on-site, you need to have a generator on-site. You can rent a generator for anywhere between $70-$100.

Considerations To Make When Booking And Safety Tips

When booking a bounce house, keep in mind the bounce house rental prices structure provided above and make the following considerations:

● Depending on the number of guests coming to your event, choose the right size.

● Book for a considerable time, so it’s not removed while the event is still happening.

● Make sure that children of only appropriate age groups use the bounce house.

● Hire an attendant to look after the children using the bounce house.

● Consider the weather conditions; inflatable waterslides are suitable for summers only.

● Check the company’s reputation before confirming the booking.

● Make sure that you’re getting well-maintained and safe equipment; it must be in good condition.

We hope this guide helps you know the bounce house rental prices and other essential knowledge related to bounce houses. It’s helpful to get to know the bounce house rental prices before booking one.


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