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Exploring the Titanic Bounce House Experience in Dallas

Embarking on the Titanic Bounce House experience in Dallas offers a unique and thrilling adventure for event planners and families alike. This article delves into the various aspects of renting and setting up a Titanic Bounce House, ensuring your event is both memorable and smoothly executed.

Key Takeaways

  • Booking the Titanic Bounce House requires submitting a request and waiting for vendor approval, ensuring availability and suitability for your event.

  • Themed bounce houses, combo units with slides, and additional party rentals like water slides enhance the event experience.

  • Costs are transparent, with delivery and setup included, and total prices calculated at checkout.

  • Use discount code 'B360' for a 20% discount on your deposit, making it more affordable.

  • Customer support is readily available through phone or live chat, providing assistance and answering any queries promptly.

Discover the Titanic Bounce House Experience in Dallas

Booking Process

Booking your Titanic Bounce House in Dallas is a breeze with our user-friendly platform, Bouncehouse360. Submit your booking request and wait for vendor approval. Remember, your deposit is safe as it won't be charged until approval, and don't forget to apply the 'B360' code for a 20% discount on your deposit.

Types of Bounce Houses Available

Dallas offers a diverse range of Titanic Bounce House themes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a classic design or a combo unit with slides, you'll find the perfect fit for your event. Explore various options to ensure your party is a hit.

Special Offers and Discounts

Take advantage of our exclusive Bouncehouse360 offer: use the discount code 'B360' to receive 20% off your deposit. This special offer is designed to make your bounce house experience more affordable and enjoyable.

Setting Up Your Titanic Bounce House Adventure

Delivery and Setup Details

All bounce house rentals include comprehensive delivery and setup services. Our team ensures that everything is safe and ready for your event, handling all aspects from transportation to installation. You won't have to worry about the technicalities; just enjoy the day!

Size and Space Requirements

When planning your event, it's crucial to ensure you have adequate space for the bounce house. Here's a quick checklist to help you prepare:

  • Measure the available space.

  • Compare it with the dimensions provided on the rental page.

  • Ensure there's extra space around the perimeter for safety.

Safety Protocols

Safety is paramount when renting bounce houses. Each vendor on the Bouncehouse360 marketplace lists their insurance details, allowing you to make an informed decision. Remember to follow all safety guidelines provided with your rental to ensure a fun and safe environment for all participants.

Enhance Your Event with Additional Party Rentals

Tables and Chairs

To accommodate all your guests comfortably, consider adding tables and chairs to your rental package. Availability and pricing can be easily checked and booked directly through our website.

Generators and Equipment

For setups that are more than 50 ft from an electrical outlet, renting a generator is essential. This ensures that all equipment, especially the bounce houses, operates smoothly throughout your event.

Water Slides and Dunk Tanks

Add a splash of fun to your event with water slides and dunk tanks. These are perfect for hot days and add an exciting element to any party. Remember to use tarps provided to protect your lawn and keep the area clean.

Navigating Costs and Payments

Understanding Rental Costs

Bounce house rental in Dallas involves various cost components including the rental fee, delivery, setup, and any additional equipment like generators. The total cost is calculated at checkout after entering your delivery address. Use the B360 code for a 20% discount on your deposit.

Deposit Information

Your rental deposit is 20% of the total rental cost. This deposit is captured only when the vendor approves your booking or you accept an alternate rental. Remember, using the B360 discount code gives you a 20% off on this deposit.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

Reschedules are allowed for weather-related issues with equivalent rentals. Cancellations require a 10-day notice. If it rains on your event day, you can use your deposit for an equivalent rental within a year. Note that refunds are not provided once the service is rendered.

Special Features of the Titanic Bounce House Dallas

Themed Bounce Houses

The Titanic Bounce House in Dallas offers a variety of themed bounce houses that can transform any party into a magical experience. From pirate ships to princess castles, each theme is designed to spark the imagination of all attendees. Boldly choose a theme that matches your party's vibe and watch as it becomes the centerpiece of your event.

Combo Units with Slides

Combo units are a fantastic way to double the fun at your event. These units combine the thrilling experience of a bounce house with the excitement of a slide, providing endless entertainment for children and adults alike. Whether it's a side slide or a front-facing slide, each combo unit is crafted to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

Customization Options

For those looking to add a personal touch to their party, our customization options allow you to tailor the bounce house to your specific needs. From color schemes to banners displaying names or messages, make your event truly unique. This flexibility ensures that your bounce house will not only be fun but also a perfect fit for your special occasion.

Planning Your Party with Bounce Houses

Event Planning Tips

When planning your party, it's crucial to consider the size and space requirements for the bounce house you intend to rent. Ensure you have adequate space in your yard or venue to accommodate the bounce house, including additional room for access and safety barriers. Here's a quick checklist to help you prepare:

  • Measure the available space.

  • Compare it with the dimensions provided on the rental page.

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting the right size for your bounce house is essential to ensure a successful event. It's important to match the size of the bounce house with the number of guests and the age group of the children attending. This ensures everyone has enough space to enjoy the activities safely.

Weather Considerations

Weather can play a significant role in your party planning, especially when it involves outdoor setups like bounce houses. Always check the forecast in advance and have a contingency plan in place. Consider scheduling your event during a time of year when weather conditions are typically favorable in Dallas.

Customer Support and FAQs

Contact Options

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to us through various channels. Call us at 817-800-8618, email, or use the live chat available on our website. We strive to ensure that you can always get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Delivery Time Frames

When you schedule your delivery, the vendor will provide you with a 2-hour time window for delivery. The vendor will do their best to deliver your rental before that time, and in some cases, even the day before. The driver will contact you one day before your delivery to confirm all the details. If you have any questions, we will also send you the driver's contact information.

Common Questions Answered

  • How much is the deposit? Your rental deposit is 20% of the total rental cost.

  • Can I reschedule or cancel? Reschedules are permitted for weather-related issues with equivalent rentals, and a 10-day notice is required for cancellations. Inspect rentals upon renting, as refunds aren't allowed once service is rendered.

  • When will the delivery arrive? When you schedule your delivery, the vendor will provide you with a 2-hour time window.


In conclusion, the Titanic Bounce House Experience in Dallas offers an exhilarating and memorable adventure for all ages. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a family gathering, or just a fun day out, this unique attraction provides both entertainment and a touch of historical whimsy. With easy booking processes, a variety of themes, and the assurance of safety and convenience, it's an excellent choice for adding excitement to any event. Remember to book early, especially during peak seasons, and don't forget to use discount codes like 'B360' for additional savings on your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a bounce house rental?

To book a rental, submit a booking request through the Bouncehouse360 platform. Your deposit will not be charged until the vendor approves or you accept an alternative rental.

Are there any discounts available for bounce house rentals?

Yes, you can use the discount code B360 for 20% off your deposit.

What is included in the delivery and setup of the bounce house?

Delivery and setup are included with your inflatable rental. Setup for tables and chairs are not included.

How much is the deposit for a rental?

The rental deposit is 20% of the total rental cost.

What are the cancellation and rescheduling policies?

Reschedules are permitted for weather-related issues with equivalent rentals, and a 10-day notice is required for cancellations. Refunds aren't allowed once service is rendered.

How can I check if I'm within the delivery area?

To check if you’re within a vendor's delivery area, select the specific bounce house and enter your address in the Delivery Checker element on the service page.


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